(Please note these may change as a consequence of rates varying with suppliers. Any agreement we put together with clients will be subject to a contract where agreed rates will be locked in for a particular occasion. Weddings cost more as they typically require a huge amount of pre-planning, tailoring, multiple visits, multiple days of site usage and are complex to deliver.)



from NZ$6000+GST/night

Use of function centre, church, ruins, redwoods. Photography on the rest of the property (not including photographer). Tables, chairs, pews, crockery, utensils, outdoor Bose sound system, patio high volume dance system (not DJ but works well with a Spotify playlist), a bar manager, set-up, planning advice, clean-up. Also, three visits after confirming a day.



We work with you to supply what you want. This can range from plated meals with celebrity chefs through to other specialist caterers, food platters and food trucks, or you can self-cater. We can also combine different elements. For example food platters served under the Redwoods and a main course seated and plated. For farmers we can work with produce you supply to us.


on demand

Up to eight draught beers permanently on tap, sourced from craft beer maker Ferris Road together with local favourite Speights, Emersons and Panhead. Pinot sourced from Grant Taylor, NZ’s most awarded pinot winemaker. Expertly selected wine list. Designer gin and vodka. Our infamous cocktails available on request.  Kegs by negotiation.

Bar List


Craft Beer by the handle  $10

Speights by the handle $8

Low Alcohol Beer $10

Jug (4 handles) $40 (craft), $32 (Speights)


White Wine – Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay – $12 per glass, $45 per bottle

NZ Sparkling Wine $15 per glass, $60 per bottle

Prosecco  $10 per glass, $30 per bottle

Rose Wine $12 per glass, $45 per bottle

Red Wine $15 per glass, $60 per bottle

Soft Drinks

Cola, Lemonade, Soda, Ginger Ale, Lemon Lime and Bitters, Tonic  – $5 per glass


Gin, Rum, Vodka – Double shot $10
Premium Spirit (Double Shot) – $15

Other Events

from NZ3000+GST venue hire

Contractor Do’s for Bill Clouston, well-behaved 70ths, corporate events, funerals etc The venue’s positioning is as an upmarket option for special occasions. If you have a community event in mind, talk to us. We’re keen to help when we can. We’re also open to accepting services in part-payment. (We aim to have the tidiest fences in the district!)