Central Otago as a destination

More people are discovering Central Otago as its own destination.  Distinctly different from Queenstown, this area will appeal to those who want authenticity, a bit of history, casual quality and real people.  The property lends itself to themed lunches and gala dinners, small music events, long lazy days with quality outdoor games.  There are 250 decent quality rooms within 30 minutes drive.

Earthy Activities

Quite apart from winemakers, artists and poets, we also have access to colourful locals, mostly farmers.  We have three key offsite activities which could make your incentive interesting:

  • Curling on outdoor ice with local teams, including colourful language and whisky (winter only)
  • Discovering the back country with an award winning team either on a 4WD safari, or side by side buggies or offroad motorcycles, or all 3.
  • Heading up into the back country with local farmers to get a feel for their lives and the challenges they face on a day to day basis.